Chimicalstore offer our customers the easiest and most secured payment methods.

For speed we suggest Online transfer payment or wire transfer, this way you are also not sharing any of your card details online which some people prefer

Chimicalstore accepts the payments :

Western Union
Money Gram
Bank Transfer (Bulk Orders) $2000

You only need to choose the suitable way to make the payment.

And if you are much careful to respect your privacy of the individual, you could choose the payments of WU and Bitcoin.After make the payment, you need to contact us to confirm it. All the deals will be completed in the safest way!


How to Send Money Online?

Sending money online with Western Union is easy. Choose the service that’s best for you and follow the simple steps below .



US credit cards

unfortunately the US credit cards are not accepted in our website. please use your credit card to purchase bitcoins at ( or ) at the same amount of your order.

here our Bitcoin Wallet : 1CDFx5XQkg6DZ1BFsXCCaYNvioSVWE2zmh

you can also buy Bitcoin here easily